[Best Free Udemy Courses] – 5 Min Meditation Techniques to Create Balance

[Best Free Udemy Courses] – 5 Min Meditation Techniques to Create Balance
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From a beginner to someone who just wants to get back in the habit, here’s my best tips and tricks to find balance. – Free Course

What Will I Learn?

  • Tools and tips to calm themselves in crisis times & tricks to find inner peace


  • Being eager to learn techniques to meditate & have 5 min a day for 10 days available.


Meditating won’t create miracles. But it will keep you balanced. Just like when you brush your teeth, you don’t see the cavities being removed, you just TRUST it’s preventative medicine…. it’s the same as our meditation. Five min a day is preventative medicine. It’ll keep you less reactive and more loving.

As a self help junkie, I have studied with teachers from Swamiji & Mooji in India to celebs like Tony Robbins and Deepak in the US. Use this ten day challenge as a way to find your inner peace. Each day I offer you different techniques to meditate that I’ve acquired along the way.

Can’t wait to take the journey with you! @katiebhappyy – www.binspired.life

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