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#1 Complete NodeJs Express Single-Page App [The FUTURE]

Turn Nodejs Express mongodb javascript App Into Single Page Application [WITHIN 2 MINUTE] Using toufiqElahySPA.js Plugin
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What you’ll discover
Constructing a Powerful and also most Complex Single-Page application Within hours
Making Cross-Platform Single Page Application with node express
Just how this Program will reduce development time as well as cost a great deal
How Single-page strategy will certainly improve the Software efficiency
Just how toufiqElahySPA.js plugin will make designer’s life lot simple

Developer must have experience in Javascript
Good Experience with jQuery is better



I’m constantly updating this program with fresh content, also.

It’s obvious just how modern technology is advancing at a fast rate. New, a lot more powerful hardware and software are being launched on a daily basis, meaning it’s crucial to stay on leading with the latest knowledge.

That’s why I’m constantly adding new, current web content to this course at no additional cost. Buy this program as soon as, as well as you’ll have life time accessibility to it and any future updates (which get on the means as we talk).

Imaginative way to transform any kind of variation of NodeJs Express Application Into Single-Page Application Within 2 mins after utilizing my (toufiqElahySPA.js) Jquery Plugin. Here, toufiqElahySPA.js is a Jquery Plugin which is responsible to transform any web application into solitary page application. I developed this Plugin to lessen designer’s initiative while dealing with Producing Single Page Application. Let’s see, just how my Plugin can make developers life much better.

Single web page applications are more with the ability of reducing tons time of web pages and the amount of information transfer from server to customer.

Why This Training course?

There are numerous discomfort factors while working with Javascript structure like AngularJs, React, VueJs, Knockout, meteor e.t.c. in a NodeJs Express application in order to produce Single-Page Application. Few Discomfort Details Are:

Need to specify transmitting for every request

Required to change Web server side modern technology according to Javascript framework

Only feasible to debug on run time

Hard-coded data-binding created way too many error

Increase the complexity a lot

designer no demand to find out any javascript structure as well as also no need to create much Jquery code to make Solitary Page Application after using my Jquery Plugin( toufiqElahySPA.js).

Note: programmer can likewise make use of other JavaScript framework( angularjs, knockout, react e.t.c.) alongside with my Jquery Plugin. But no requirement, i will confirm.

I applied the Plugin in a nodejs share Web application. This plugin will certainly also help Various other Internet Technologies too. I will display in my future course.

This program is so crucial to Programmer who enjoys:

Strongly Typed data-binding

Put together time mistake monitoring,

vehicle code conclusion( IntelliSense),.


not to get Run-time mistake all of a sudden.

to get rid from complexity needs to certainly take this training course.

Why (toufiqElahySPA.js) Jquery plugin is far better than any type of JavaScript structure:.

( 1) Programmer won’t require to compose too much Javascript code after utilizing my plugin wheres programmer typically writes a lot of javascript code while working with AngularJs( javascript framework).

( 2) Designer won’t need to create Jquery ajax code because the plugin has ajax feature specified which will certainly be called instantly as an usual function.

( 3) Developer will not need to specify transmitting as like AngularJs because My plugin will certainly comply with nodejs express directing by default.

( 4) Developer can discover using my plugin easily and also quickly. simply require to follow only 5 guidelines of my plugin and also any complicated scenario can be attained via this plugin like AngularJs [i will certainly verify] ( 5) Programmer can additionally make Single-Page application also not complying with those 5 rules of the plugin. Those policies are for vital scenario. First 2 policies is enough to resolve any kind of heavy training job.

What technology is utilized in front-end?

Generally Jquery.

HTML Code.

What innovation is utilized in back-end?




What devices you will need?

Any type of full-screen editor.

nodejs will need to be set up in your Device.

Any kind of browser Whatever you like many.

Why I used My Plugin to NodeJs Express application:.

Cross-platform demands.

High-performance and also scalable systems.

Within this training course I will Show: Just how effective and also complex cross-platform single web page application we can build with my Plugin And Also exactly how my MEDICAL SPA technique can boost the Software efficiency both on web server as well as client side.

Exactly how toufiqElahySPA.js( jquery plugin) functions:.

If End individual click any kind of Link or submit any kind of Type or click Backward or Onward button on browser, the common ajax function of the Plugin will be conjured up automatically.

5 rules of the plugin to handle essential situation:.

I will certainly explain all these 5 policies within this training course. True reality is: discovering these 5 regulations are enough to discover this entire Course. Learn By Doing.

If something is still unclear, you can ask question in the online forums, i will respond. Make certain you followed my video clip’s and also resource code and also specially my 5 rules. Satisfied Coding!

I hope! You will Appreciate this magic Course.

Important Notice:.

i want to guarantee all the Pupil that my Plugin( toufiqElahySPA.js) will certainly not be accountable for any kind of server associated mistake while applying the Plugin( toufiqElahySPA.js) in your very own Project. you may just need to customize toufiqElahySPA.css according to your application demand. If you get a server relevant exemption that means your execution has problem which require to be dealt with. Don’t ever before think that the Plugin perhaps the factor for this exception.

please, offer excellent ratings as well as remarks if you wish to get this kind of innovative and special program in future. Good feedback will definitely encourage me to make more course on Udemy. Thanks!

Notice( to all):.

If i don’t obtain good ratings as well as remarks, i will unable to get inspired to share a lot more content. if u actually intend to obtain Advanced Topics. please provide me true rankings and remarks.

That this training course is for:.
Trainees that intend to turn any kind of Web application Into single-page application Within 2 Minutes.
Pupils that are tired of working with AngularJs, React, VueJs, Ko in node express application.
Students who do not intend to waste their time in discovering any kind of Javascript Framework like angular 2/4, react, knockout e.t.c.
Students who intend to find out structure single-page application only with jQuery.
Trainees who do not want to find out much Front-end Stuff in structure Single-Page Application.
Pupils that wish to develop cross-platform single page application with node share.
Trainees who is looking for innovative way to address his day-to-day live issues conveniently.

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