[Udemy Discount Code] – Foursquare Marketing A-Z- Beginners Foursquare Blueprint

[Udemy Discount Code] – Foursquare Marketing A-Z- Beginners Foursquare Blueprint
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Foursquare Marketing A-Z: Beginner’s Foursquare Blueprint.
In this training, you will learn how to manage Foursquare accounts for local businesses.
What Will I Learn?
  • You’ll learn that people use Foursquare to leave tips and reviews of places they have visited.
  • You’ll learn that people also use Foursquare to find deals. Some businesses provide deals solely for people who check in with Foursquare.
  • You’ll learn that Foursquare is a great service for social advertising. When users check into a venue, their friends are notified via Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • You’ll learn that Foursquare operates as a local search engine. People go onto Foursquare to find local businesses.
  • You’ll also learn that Foursquare is also a great way to get in front of the traffic, since people are already using it.
  • You’ll learn that you can include Foursquare management in with other services. Then, you can make some good money.
  • You’ll learn that running specials will play an important role in attracting customers.
  • You’ll learn how to integrate Foursquare to your client’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • You’ll learn how to automate the process of finding businesses and selling your services to those businesses.
  • You’ll learn that you can also automate the upsell process. Upsells are other services the businesses can buy from you.
  • Finally you’ll learn how to outsource client management to freelancers. The best way to scale your business up.

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