[Udemy Discount Code] – Statup Strategy for Present and Future Entrepreneur

[Udemy Discount Code] – Statup Strategy for Present and Future Entrepreneur
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For first time entrepreneur – Free Course

What Will I Learn?

  • Grow your business in domestic and International market
  • Learn to make better strategy and implement correctly
  • Build analysis skill to see the your startup or business from 10 000 feet
  • Manage strategic obstacles
  • Manage resources


  • Basic project management & business operational knowledge


In 2013 when my healthcare business begin to go down due to unexpected competition. I had no option other than responding to the market. At that time I was not aware of what you are going to learn in this course. I wish I would have known.

Our bad business ambiance (loss of revenue, loss of marketshare, loss of resources) force me to learn this field. After practiciing this for 5 years I thought to share it with you.

I noticed that many people starting business/startup with false assumption, means without any proper long term marekt plan and strategy in mind (Includding me in past)

I also realised that many startup start with big hope but soon they get vanish in the cloud of competition.

What will you get?

This course will show you the path to success by

  • Helping you to go over your competition by making a right choice
  • Keep you equiped to face the business world to respond the market challenges dominantly.



  • No physical equipment is needed
  • A willingness to learn, and situations to practise are advised


There are plenty of resources I have been shared in the resource section. Please ensure that you read every article.

Feeling stuck?

If you have any problem in forming or implementing your strategy I am here for you, always.

Lets get started 🙂 !

See you inside the course.

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