[Udemy Discount Global] – Step by Step GDPR for Non-EU Small Businesses-Windows 7

[Udemy Discount Global] – Step by Step GDPR for Non-EU Small Businesses-Windows 7
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Udemy Coupon – Step by Step GDPR for Non-EU Small Businesses-Windows 7

Small Business owners located OUTSIDE the EU that want to be Data Privacy (GDPR) compliant who are using Windows 7.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn the basics on what is required to make your business into a business that knows how to handle Personal Data correctly
  • You will learn both the Technical Measures and the Organizational Measures that other businesses will require you to follow
  • Your staff will learn what they can and cannot do with Personal Data
  • You will learn what is required by the Law to remain Data Privacy Compliant
  • You will learn how to apply technical measures required to be Data Privacy Compliant in your small business
  • You will receive a certificate of Data Privacy Compliance for your small business
  • You will be entitled to discounted memberships at the worlds largest Data Privacy compliance support company
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(GDPR) Database


compliant who are using Windows 7

This video training course is perfect for small business owners that are located outside the European Union (EU) that have a global Internet presence with customer potential in the EU or they monitor the behavior of people that are in the EU. Or, perhaps, you just want to be safer in managing your Personal Data.

There are new laws that will effect the way and manner that you do business with EU residents. Also, it is becoming increasingly more important to be Data Privacy aware if your business deals with other businesses that now require that you are GDPR compliant or require that you have a working knowledge of Data Privacy in your small business.

This course will provide all the TECHNICAL and ORGANIZATIONAL measures and considerations that your small business located outside the EU will need to implement to become Data Privacy Certified and GDPR Certified and compliant.

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