[Udemy Free Courses] – Success strategies for new freelancers and consultants

[Udemy Free Courses] – Success strategies for new freelancers and consultants
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Success strategies for new freelancers & consultants.
Want to build a part-time, or full-time consulting, or freelancing business? If so, this course is for you!.
What Will I Learn?
  • Understand key factors in the success of a new business.
  • Avoid common rookie mistakes when setting up a business and developing the client-freelancer relationship.
  • Use the resources and checklists available to cover all the basics for setting up a freelance business.
  • Understand how to communicate effectively, close sales, negotiate and develop rapport with clients – ESSENTIAL skills!
  • Understand basic marketing funnels and sales conversion concepts and the importance of business metrics.
  • Sign up for the free and low-cost software and tools featured in the course to help students set up, and manage their freelance business.
  • Understand basic Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Rights, freelance contracts, and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Choose between a limited company / partnership, or sole trader business status.
  • Select the correct types of insurance needed to protect a business run by a freelancer or consultant.
  • Create simple, but effective business and project plans.

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