[Udemy Online Courses Free] – Bank Reconciliations, & Cash Internal Controls-Presentations

[Udemy Online Courses Free] – Bank Reconciliations, & Cash Internal Controls-Presentations
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Internal controls, bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, and internal controls related to checking account – Free Course

What Will I Learn?

  • Internal Controls
  • Cash Receipts Internal Controls
  • Cash Disbursements Internal Controls
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Petty Cash
  • Comprehensive Problem
  • Definitions & Key Terms


  • We should have a basic understanding of financial accounting and debits and credits.


This course will just provide the presentation component of our resources only so that learners can watch through presentations without interference by other resources.

Bookkeeping for bank reconciliations and cash.

We will discuss internal controls including what they are, why they are useful, and the objectives of internal controls. We will then move to internal controls specific to cash including bank reconciliations.

Bank reconciliations are important controls for both large and small companies. After the double entry accounting system itself, the bank reconciliation is one of the most important internal controls. The bank reconciliation will compare the bank statement to the cash book balance as of a point in time and reconcile the difference between the two. The bank reconciliation process will provide more assurance of the cash account and will provide more assurance over many other accounting processes because most accounting processes include cash. For example, reconciling the bank account provides more assurance over the revenue cycle, purchases cycle, and payroll cycle.

We will also discuss the setting up and recording of a petting cash account, a process that can be more complex than if first seems.

Who will we be learning from?

You will be learning from somebody who has technical experience in accounting concepts and in accounting software like QuickBooks, as well as experience teaching and putting together curriculum.

You will be learning from somebody who is a:

• CPA – Certified Public Accountant

• CGMA – Chartered Global Management Accountant

• Master of Science in Taxation

• CPS – Certifies Post-Secondary Instructor

• Curriculum Development Export

As a practicing CPA the instructor has worked with many technical accounting issues and helped work through them and discuss them with clients of all levels.

As a CPS and professor, the instructor has taught many accounting classes and worked with many students in the fields of accounting, business, and business applications.

The instructor also has a lot of experience designing courses and learning how students learn best and how to help students achieve their objectives. Experience designing technical courses has also benefit in being able to design a course in a logical fashion and deal with problems related to technical topics and the use of software like QuickBooks Pro.

Content Includes:

· Internal controls

· Cash receipts internal controls

· Cash disbursements internal controls

· Bank reconciliations

· Petty cash

· Definitions and key terms

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