[Udemy Online Courses Free] – Java Pre-Interview Q&A

[Udemy Online Courses Free] – Java Pre-Interview Q&A
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Udemy Coupon – Java Pre-Interview Q&A [100% Free]

Crash Course for Interview in Java

Applying for a Java core concepts related job? or going for a Java Object Oriented programming certification? or Just curious about Java secret stuff? then This course is for you!

This course tests your Java skill and OOP core concepts . It points out your misunderstanding of topics. Thus, helping you better understand those topics. It helps you learn amazing Java trick by testing your Java knowledge. It teaches you new Java stuff by asking about rare know java Object Oriented Concepts.

Applying for a Java core concepts related job? or going for a Java Object Oriented programming certification? do take this course first. It will help you revise java stuff. It will help you strengthen your Java concepts. It will help you learn about some Java tricks you might not be aware of. It will help you understand why you do certain things that you are used to with out know why.

One last thing, this is our first attempt to get our friends and fellow programmers get a better grasp of topic so there are going to few mistake. Please, look out for such instances and let us know so that we can improvise. And based on your reviews, we will be updating the course content.

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It includes:

  • Basics of java
  • control flow statements
  • classes and objects
  • constructors
  • this keyword
  • super keyword in java
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Exception Handling
  • Threads in java (Coming soon)
  • File management (Coming soon)
  • Memory Management in java

Who is the target audience?

  • Everyone who is going to appear in interview. Because in this course we are going to touch every deep concept which one should know before appearing in interview.

Java Pre-Interview Q&A Online Classes

  • Instructor: Muhammad Feroz
  • Practice Test : 5 Practice test
  • Course Language: English
  • Price: $20

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