[Udemy Online Courses Free] – Stay Motivated While Learning Music Online

[Udemy Online Courses Free] – Stay Motivated While Learning Music Online
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Get the Full Value of Your Online Courses – Free Course

What Will I Learn?

  • You will be making progress on your instrument if you work with this program
  • You will learn valuable practice skills that you can bring to any part of your life
  • Become comfortable sharing your practice and goals with others to make sure you keep learning
  • See all the money you’ve saved by taking online course without sacrificing quality of learning


  • You should be learning an instrument or getting ready to learn an instrument
  • You must be ready to actually take action (JUST DO IT)


We have all been here before. We started learning something new in music and somewhere along the way stopped. This can be for really small reasons like; Going on vacation, Having a shift change, getting a cold, having a friend stay over for the weekend. Those little breaks in schedule can get us off the groove and many people never pick it up again. In this course we go over some reasons people often stop practicing and how to fix them. We use an 8 step method to ensure you are seeing growth in your music.

Here are four reasons people quit that actually have some weight to them, but we can fix it.

  1. We forget
  • Hard to remember
  • Building habits is not everyone’s strong point
  • Won’t happen overnight (takes different amounts of time)
  • Habits take time to form (possibly anywhere from 18-66 days)
  • Later on we are going to look at physically change our lives( caution you might have to step away from the internet and do something. So you can practice everyday)
  • It’s to expensive
  • I’ve been on both sides as teacher and student
  • Stopped my lessons but not learning
  • I will show you how to get what you need out of online courses so you can save a ton on your education and then how to pay yourself since you are in part teaching yourself
  1. The ups and downs are discouraging
  • Life is up and down
  • This is a problem for all performers not just people learning music
  • One sure thing in our life is we will have some chaos from time to time
  • Use your practice to moderate the impact of external things in our life

    4. No accountability or are we just plain lazy?

  • You don’t necessarily need someone to pick up the slack
  • Take Frickin Responsibility
    • Does your mom still call you to make sure you brushed your teeth and washed behind your ears?
  • Our subconsious naturally runs away from pain with more effort than it runs towards pleasure
    • If you think this is going to be painful practicing then your subconscious will sabotage you.
  • Turn your practice as something that isn’t “harm” We should start viewing Missing our practice as hurting us

What do we need to do then?

  • What do you need to do to stop failing at your online lessons and get what you need to out of them?
  • We learn different but these few things will help streamline your process
  • 8 steps (CGPRABSN Acronym)
  • This time you will be able to keep it up if you work along with this class
    • 1 Consistency
    • 2Goals
    • 3 Plan
    • 4 record your practice ( 2 ways)
    • 5 Affirmations
    • 6 Benefits (including financial)
    • 7 Share
    • 8 New Goals

Working through these goals will COMPLETELY change your practice and could also change your life.

This is dealing specifically with music but if you apply this technique to other parts of your life too the possibilities are endless.

And here’s my no questions asked money back guarantee.

There’s a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it out TODAY and see if it is right for you!

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