Unleash Your Serve: Tennis Serve Basics For Beginners – [Udemy Discount Coupon]

Unleash Your Serve: Tennis Serve Basics For Beginners – [Udemy Discount Coupon]
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Unleash Your Serve: Tennis Serve Basics For Beginners

Develop a successful tennis serve and become a pro

What Will I Learn?

  • How to serve in tennis and play a good match with their friends


  • Basic knowledge of tennis and passion to become an exceptional tennis player
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In this tennis serve course, I will be showing the exact steps that I used to coach my students how to develop a successful serve. You are in the right place if you are in the following situations:

  • You have no clue on how to serve because you are new to the game
  • You are always popping weak serves and get attacked by your opponents.
  • You want to develop a good spin serve that is very reliable in your tennis matches.
  • You want to eliminate fear and stress when serving in a match.
  • You don’t want your doubles partner to feel burdened by your serves

Sounds like you?

Then Unleash Your Serve Course is for you.

Here are what we are going to cover in this course.

In the modules, we’ll work on the fundamental steps of the perfect serve such as tossing, the grip and even your mindset.

I’ll help you find the best grip so you can maximize the power and spin of your serve without sacrificing accuracy.

You’ll see the professional method used to always get the perfect toss .

You’ll get my step-by-step guide to serve mastery to stamp out your bad habits and make your serve more consistent in minutes.

We’ll breakdown the serving technique from start to finish so you can get a consistent rhythm and no faults.

You’ll find out what’s the perfect stance for your play style so you can be in perfect balance to serve and win more points.

You’ll master the Trophy Pose so you can maximize the power and spin of the serve and bring fear to your opponent.

I’ll show you how to hit the ball at the right spot so you can control the direction the ball heads towards.

I’ll share with you The GPS Tossing Formula for predictable toss so you can have stronger, faster and more accurate serve to ace any opponent.

You’ll develop a Bulletproof Mentality that will help you to stay calm so you never lose points on double faults again.

We’ll craft your Customized Serve Routine so you never feel doubtful while serving in a way that wins you more matches.

You’ll perfect your ball toss so that you always execute it flawlessly and never lose points unnecessarily.

Who is the target audience?

  • Course is perfect for the Tennis beginners who have no clue on how to serve in tennis. This course will provide the step-by-step instructions to guide you how to serve successfully.
  • Excellent for tennis players who have been playing recreationally and want to improve the tennis serve and enjoy the game further.
  • If you are already a seasoned tennis player who is playing competitively for prize money, please do not take this course as it will not value add to your tennis skills.

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