WorkLife ReDesign: Simple Steps for Joyful Work Life Choices – [Udemy Discount Coupon]

WorkLife ReDesign: Simple Steps for Joyful Work Life Choices – [Udemy Discount Coupon]
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WorkLife ReDesign: Simple Steps for Joyful Work Life Choices

Find what work you will love to do

What Will I Learn?

  • To identify what they love to do, what they can do and make realistic choices as to what work to look seek.
  • they will have a better understanding of how their life skills and experience can fit into a different job
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  • A willingness to take the time to answer questions thoughtfully about your life & work experience
  • To be willing to consider what you like and what you don’t like in regard to work


This course takes you, in detail, through 2 exercises to help you choose in which direction you want to go, what type of work, what job you want to find or business you want to start. It helps you identify what you love and what you are good at to come to the realization of what would both be feasible an what would make you happy to have as your next work choice.

The exercises are simple but insightful and will get you thinking perhaps in ways you haven’t considered before, bringing results that will delight you and motivate you to move forwards to make them become a reality.

As a seasoned career counselor, Fiona MacKay Young helps you uncover work ideas you might not otherwise have come up with.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is looking for satisfying work
  • Any adult who still doesn’t know what they ‘want to be when they grow up’
  • Those who feel lost and unsure about what jobs they could do or would enjoy
  • Any job seeker who doesn’t or can’t go back to the same work they’ve done previously
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